This website is intended for people who have been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (as well as those who know someone with atopic dermatitis).

About Clinical Research

Clinical research studies help determine if investigational medications are safe and effective for treating diseases and other health conditions.

Clinical research studies follow a specific set of standards and are closely regulated to protect the safety of all participants. Safety precautions are put in place to help protect people who participate in clinical research. In addition, studies follow a written plan called a protocol. The protocol is designed to make sure all study procedures are conducted correctly and safely.
If you choose to participate in one of the JADE atopic dermatitis studies, you can ask questions of the study doctor at any point before, during, and after the study. If you have any concerns about participating in the study, you should feel comfortable discussing them with the study doctor at any time.
Study participation is completely voluntary, and you can end your participation at any time, for any reason.
Participants can choose to leave the study at any time and for any reason, even after signing the informed consent form.
You can visit any doctor to meet your needs during the study.

Answering a few questions can help determine if participating in a JADE study may be an option for you or your child.

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